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- Living with japanese spitzies since 1986 and australian shepherds since 2000 -


Hiking outdoors with Riffi and Xena


Snowtime´s is a small homekennel located at eastern Finland and owned by me, Merja Tiainen, with my family. Allthough the term kennel sounds bit funny, since we have only few dogs living with us inside our house and they all participate to our every day life. We have had dogs in our family for all of my life, since 1970´s and all my close family members have experience about dogs too,  for instance german shepherd breed. I got my first own dog at 1986 and started to train obedience, agility, shows etc. Later i continued to train also S&R and herding for instance. I have also experience about wild and domestic animals. By profession i am a biologist. I spend lot of time outdoors in the nature with the dogs. These webpages focus on our dogs.

I have owned aussies since 2000 and been interested more about the breed since. Japan & japanese spitzies has been my interest for 25 years now, but also the interest of our whole family. Since our kennel is very small, I have placed few dogs with co-ownership (breeding terms) to very nice homes, as i want enough time, exercise and training for each dog. These dogs also live as a family members in their own homes and we consider them all as our extended family.

Multi CH Saarnion Fushigi - also trialed at obedience

We have imported the first and third japanese spitzies from Japan to Finland in the breed´s history. We got valuable assistance from a japanese judge and former breeder selecting these dogs for us, and we are very gratefull for that. Our recent australian shepherds originate from American or Swedish dogs with American bloodlines. I feel it is important to learn about both breeds and i am also interested about the history and culture of their homelands. I try my best also to respect my breed´s origin. Japanese spitz and australian shepherd are wonderful breeds but they demand basic rules and fair leadeship since both breeds have mind of their own. Typical japanese spitz is also a DOG even not a very big one.

Snowtime´s Deputy Sheriff BH STDd trains S&R

We like to train for example obedience, tracking, agility and search & rescue. We also participate to dogshows time to time. We love to train with our dogs all kind of things, but mainly to have fun together. But mostly our dogs are our pets and live ordinary life. We spent lot of time hiking outdoors in the nature, so we are not allways training or trialing very intensively. We have competed with several dogs for example in obedience, tracking, S&R and herding. We have also trained some agility. We have been participating at dogshows too, mainly to meet friends and other peopple, to see other dogs and to get evaluation about our dogs. Even we have and have bred several champions and dogs with results from different trials, i don´t make any breedingplans on the basis of the titles. I have been working for a several years in breedclubs and dog clubs. Nowadays i am concentrating more to my own dogs, but i am allways ready to co-operate with other breeders.

Four champions CIB Snowtime´s Sendoh, CIB Accel of God Mount Jp, CIB Saarnion Fushigi and Fi CH Snowtime´s Subarashii Suzu

Our breeding is a small scale breeding and we usually have about one litter per year. We make puppyplans usually when we plan to continue breeding from that certain combination or when i am planning to have a puppy for myself. I do health check to my dogs nevertheless they are aussies or japanese spitzies. Japanese spitz is generally a healthy breed, but still very seldomly X-rayed. That is why we should not make very straighforward assumptions about the breed´s situation what comes for example to dysplasia. Australian shepherds on the other hand are more widely X-rayed. We support the Ask & Tell-program. Peopple interested about any of our dogs and breedings are allways welcome to contact us and ask us more.

I have learned to appreciate basic health and typical character in a dog. I feel character and working potential (in aussies) are important and try my best to keep these things plus breedstandard in my mind when planning a litter. I also want to pay attention to inbreeding, since many dogs are closely related in Europe. As a breeder i do my best to reach these goals. Of course time will tell, how i succeed. Our male dogs are available to breeding seldomly, but if interested, you are welcome to ask more.   

Questions? I´d be happy to answer!

Merja Tiainen, Finland  

Members of both Finnish Kennelclub and ASCA



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I am really happy to get e-mail.  I am more than happy to answer all e-mails and i will answer as soon as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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