aussie taulukot statistics

As my friend wisely said, this kind of info is for people who are wise enough to understand the big picture. To quote Hansu, this is not a list of how bad our dogs are, but if you have a long experience, enough knowledge and honest discussion about the breed, there is always something. This one is my own thinking; if there is nothing, either information is not shared or there is not wide enough knowledge about the lines (and I mean several generations back and wide in the pedigree also).

At the same time this is also a list about the things these dogs don´t have. This is the info given to us which is free to share. If there is something more you would like to know more about our dogs and breeding, just ask us. We do have the best info and experience about them, and we are happy to share the experience we have.

  australian shepherds owned by us or bred by others


  HD / AD eyes back genetest hobbies else
Snowtime´s Amaranth B/B 0/0 clear (3 years) LTV0 VA 0 (= clear) HSF4 n/n by parentage stockwork (STDc 1st leg), S&R (basic test passed), obedience correct bite and all teeth
Snowtime´s Blackbird A/A 0/0 clear (3 years) LTV0 VA0 (= clear) HSF4 n/n by parentage S&R, stockwork (STDdsc), obedience (1st class), rally correct bite and all teeth
Justus Rio Bravo A/A 0/1 clear (7 years) clear (unof., 6 years) HSF4, CMR, prcdPRA and DM n/n S&R (passed several trials day and night), stockwork (WTCH, OTFDs 1st leg, PAIM-E and also working dog at home), BH correct bite all teeth

Snowtime´s T-litter and B-litter mom



Snowtime´s Deputy Sheriff A/A 0/0 clear (9 years) clear (unof. 6 years) HSF4, DM, CMR1, MDR, CD, NCL8 n/n

MyDogDNA done 2015, does not carry any of the disease genes tested

Stockwork (WTCH), working dog at home, S&R (tracking basic trial done), obedience (2nd class), BH Correct bite and all teeth

Elbows, shoulder and back x-rayed clear (unof) at the age of 6 after an accident (a fracture in his paw bone from accident)

Strong dog with strong presence, yet so far (almost 10 years) been easy to live with, but this type of a dog needs an experienced owner

Snowtime´s A-litter sire

Diamond Bluff Paris Texas A/A 0/0 clear 8 years old clear unof (around 8 years) HSF4 n/n Working S&R dog (passed search and tracking trials, day and night trials), working stockdog (ATDds OTDc), obedience (TK1 entitled to trial in 3rd class), BH correct bite and all teeth (even 13 years old)

sterilized at the age of 10, at the same time had couple of small & possible mammary tumours removed. Healthy all her life.

Rip due to an old age of 13,5 years old.
Mom of Snowtime´s D-litter

Fätorpet´s Aubretia B/C -/0 clear 5 years old except cholesterol crystal in other eye clear (unof. young) HSF4n/n have done some agility, obedience and stock Mom of Snowtime´s A- and R-litters.
Was in an accident at the age of 12 weeks (fell couple of meters down to the ground) and broke her leg. No need for surgery and it healed ok, but it took a while to recover. This is the reason why the other elbow has no scale (-). Have had her anal glands emptied couple of time.
Ketturetku Rasse Remulus A/A 0/0 clear LTV3, sacralization,

later also spondylosis

HSF4 clear Retired at 4 years of age due to health problems (back), tracking, search, obedience,
TK2 BH, also a conformation CH
RIP at 8 years old due to back problem and other disease

never bred,
correct bite,
all teeth,