japsi taulukot

As my friend wisely said, this kind of info is for people who are wise enough to understand the big picture. In order to quote Hansu, this is not a list of how bad our dogs are, but instead if you have enough experience, knowledge and honest discussion about the breed, there is always something. If there is nothing, either information is not shared or there is not wide enough knowledge about the lines (and I mean several generations back and wide in the pedigree also).

At the same time this is also a list about the things these dogs don´t have. This is the info given to us which is free to share. If there is something more you would like to know more about our dogs and breeding, just ask us. We do have the best info and experience about them, and we are happy to share the experience we have.

Japanese spitzies owned by us (bred by below)

  HD / AD eyes pat.lux hobbies else litters
Snowtime´s Iwahige Go B/B 0/0 clear (young) 1/1 obedience, shows very limited since owner has other hobbies too (2 x CAC from Finland) been healthy so far (7 years 10 months), correct bite and all teeth (in good condition).
MyDogDNA-test panel done 2014, does not carry any of the disease genes tested,
back unof. clear (young)
Snowtime´s G
Snowtime´s H2
Snowtime´s Y
Naomi of Komparu Wakata C/B 0/0 clear (1 year) 0/0 agility,
rally (result from 1st class), shows (CIB)
correct bite,
missing 2 PM,
Sterilized (got an uterus infection 9 days after bred for 3rd litter), back unof clear (young)
Snowtime´s N
Snowtime´s I
Snowtime´s Sendoh B/C 0/0 clear (young) 0/0 family dog, shows (CIB) correct bite, all teeth, teeth in very good condition and without tartar all his life! An accident based disc injury at old age, recovered well, RIP due to old age around 12,5 years old Snowtime´s N
Accel of God Mount OFA Fair (B or C unofficially) and elbows normal (0/0) clear (about 1 year old) 0/0 (unof. under 1 year old) obedience, 3rd results at 1st class, shows (multiCH) correct bite, all teeth

back x-ray unof clear.
Had an embolism after accident about 6 years old. Recovered fully. Also one allergic reaction to massive gnat bites all over his body. Recovered fast and fully.

7 litters:
Snowtime´s C
Snowtime´s I
Lumivyöryn R
Agrarium Q
Snowtime´s O
Snowtime´s S
Bella Godivas D
Saarnion Fushigi B/B 0/0 clear (6 year) 0/0 obedience 1st reults 1st class x 2, agility, shows (multiCH) correct bite, all teeths,
sterilized at old age, back x-ray unof clear,
RIP due to tumours at 11 years old
Snowtime´s M, S, T and U-litters
Mahti Vahdin Tarik abnormal ED, unof overwheeping eyes patella problems (unof. checked) oversized
both testicles
correct bite
missing P1
RIP due to leg problems at 11 years old

never bred

Mimisaki ED 2/2 due to an arthritis at the age of 11 years and 2 months clear (10 year) 0/0 (9 years old) obedience,

shows (CH)

Correct bite, all teeth.
RIP almost 15 years old
Saarnion F
Suojan Ron agility, obedience, shows (very good) reserved towards strangers, correct bite, coth testicles, none, never bred